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Upholding the principles of

Trust, Governance & Competence

in statistics

Core Values


Being at the hearts of the public sector the Authority shall adhere to the highest of public administration standards.


Statistical Competence is at the core of our mission and the Authority will do its utmost not only to engage talent of high value but also to work closely with the accademia to increase interest in the statistical field.


To ensure that official statistics are interpreted correctly and used to nourish an information society.


Foster a diverse supporting and welcoming environment for the benefit of institutions, members of the statistical system and users of official statistics.

Our Mandate

The Malta Statistics Authority shall primarily be responsible for the implementation of the objectives and provisions of the Malta Statistics Authority Act. In doing so it will:

  • Support the National Statistics Office to be at the forefront of statistical methodological developments,
  • Provide advice to the National Statistics Office in its pursuance to meet the demands of the national and international community,
  • Ensure that the National Statistics Office has enough resources to meet its obligations but works efficiently through a balanced budget, and
  • Promotes statistical literacy.
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