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MSA Sub Committees

Towards the last quarter of 2013, the Main Board of the Malta Statistics Authority set-up three sub-committees to perform duties in accordance with Part II, Article 7, Functions of the Authority, of the Malta Statistics Act XXIV:

A Governance Sub-Committee
To advise on the process of decision making of the production of official statistics in accordance with international requirements and standards while also establishing priorities in responding to the demand for official statistics;

An Audit and Risk Assurance Sub-Committee
To monitor financial management of funds, examine and submit, for approval of the Minister, the business plan and financial estimates drawn up by the Director General and to ensure compliance with agreed policies and procedures; and

A Monitoring and Assessment Sub-Committee
To evaluate official statistics post-publication by analysing methodologies used in statistical compilation, advise on collection process systems with the intention of reducing both cost and respondent burden, ensure comprehensive compilation of statistics while securing confidentiality of respondents whether individuals or undertakings and ensuring impartial dissemination of information.